Maine Huts & Trails


Maine Huts & Trails:

Summary: Western Maine destination made up of 4 backcountry eco-lodge huts and over 50 miles of trails for all season activities.

About Us: Maine Huts & Trails is a non-profit organization that manages a system of 4 backcountry eco-lodges and more than 50 miles of trails in Western Maine. We offer off-the-grid hut-to-hut adventures coupled with comfortable and friendly accommodations.

Maine Huts & Trails provides breathtaking possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, ages and interests with activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paddling, swimming, fishing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. All huts feature best-in-class amenities, including hot showers, toilets, comfortable heated bunkrooms, plus home-cooked dinners and breakfasts, made from locally-sourced organic ingredients, and a packed lunch for a day on the trails.

Each of the 4 huts within Maine Huts & Trails offer a variety of unique settings and activities:

Poplar Hut is perfect for novices and day-trippers. This hut draws mountain bikers seeking full-day adventures amid 50 miles of trails at the nearby Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, and hikers hoping to climb one of the 4000 foot peaks in the Bigelow Range. The area features well-traveled trails, a small swimming hole and the Poplar Stream Falls waterfall.

Flagstaff Hut, located on the sandy east shore of Flagstaff Lake is a favorite for families and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages looking to spend relaxing time together. Guests can enjoy swimming, canoeing and kayaking on the lake (boats provided), scenic walks around the lake or hiking in the Bigelow Range, which is just a short paddle or drive away.

Stratton Brook Hut, our newest hut provides access incredible hiking along the Appalachian Trail in the Bigelow Preserve. Additionally, the hut draws mountain bikers seeking full-day adventures amid 20 miles of trails at the nearby Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. The hut itself sits on top of a hill, offering alpine views of both Sugarloaf Mountain and the Bigelow Range.

Grand Falls Hut is our most remote and secluded hut. This hut features fabulous views, the Grand Falls waterfall and superb, swimming, fishing, whitewater rafting and paddling in the Dead River.

All huts are completely eco-friendly and sustainable and offer guests the perfect opportunity to go “un-plugged” and simply explore. We host a number of events each year, and we plan on growing to 12 huts in the coming years, connected by over 180 miles of trails.

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