Bus Use Policy


Carrabassett Valley School Department believes that community use of the school bus for non-school purposes is consistent with the Town's mission to be supportive of the communities' needs at large.

Approval of usage: Request should be made to the School Department through the Superintendent of Schools. However, when this is not possible the School Board Chair or the Town Manager can give approval for usage.

Bus Driver: The School Department would prefer that the regular school bus driver be used for any non-school functions whenever possible. If the school driver is not available then the organization requesting usage may supply a driver of his or her own who is licensed.

Cost: There is no charge for the use of the bus by community groups.

• However, the parties requesting to use the bus will be responsible for paying the bus driver at a rate of $25 per hour. The driver cost will include all time associated with the trip.

• In return for the use of the school bus the School Department recommends that the organization or group using the bus make a donation to the school department to cover the cost on the bus. Recommended .50 per mile.

• The borrowing organization will also be responsible for the fuel used for their trip. The driver will fill the fuel tank before the trip starts and will refill at the end of the trip.


• The bus driver will submit his or her time sheet to the School Secretary and the school secretary will bill the organization for the driver's time. The town will then pay the bus driver.

• The bus driver will report the amount of fuel used to the School Secretary. The School Secretary will include the cost for the fuel in the bill.

• The bus driver will also turn in a log sheet of the total mileage the bus was used with his or her time sheet.

• The School Secretary will record these expenses and will send the borrowing organization their expenses for the use of the bus. 

Please call the Town Office to put in a request to use the Bus.