Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a room that defies gravity?

No, the Antigravity Complex gets its name from our amazing state of the art Olympic-sized trampolines, 45 foot high climbing wall, and aggressive skate park.

Do we need release forms?
In order for anyone to participate in our activities a yearly release form needs to be signed by a parent or guardian (if the participant is a minor), or by the participant if they are an adult. After this form is signed your child is free to do whatever activity he or she has paid for. Release forms can also be downloaded from this site prior to your arrival to the AGC.

Can I just drop my child off or do I need to stay and accompany them?
Children 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Does the Sugarloaf Shuttle Service provide transportation to and from the AGC?

Yes! During the winter the Shuttle bus arrive every hour on the half hour, (3:30, 4:30, etc.). In order for it to arrive you need to call 5-10 minutes ahead of time. The last run is made at 8:30pm.

How do I pay for my visit to the AGC?
We accept cash or checks. Checks need to be made out to either the Antigravity Complex or the Town of Carrabassett Valley. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. There is an ATM at Mountain Side Grocers and is within walking distance from the AGC.

How far in advance should I make reservations for trampoline or private rentals?
For reservations on a non-vacation week you should be able to safely make reservations in the beginning of the week. For vacation weeks or holiday weeks you should book your reservation a few weeks in advance to ensure a spot.

Why are you usually closed in the middle of the day?
CVA helped in funding the construction of the AGC and they own half of the building, so in the middle of the day it is available for them to have their training activities.

Is it mandatory to wear pads in the skate park?
Helmets are required in our skate park. If you don't have one you can rent one for $2.00. Other padding is recommended but not required.

Do you rent Skateboards or Roller blades?
No, we do not rent skate boards or roller blades; you must provide your own.

Do I need to be a member of the facility or a CVA student to utilize the facility?
Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome here and the only thing that we require is that a release form is signed. You may do anything without a reservation except utilize the trampoline or wall. Reservations are needed because of the popularity and limited space. Please see our price schedule.

Are you owned by Sugarloaf Mountain?
No, we are not owned by Sugarloaf Mountain. We are a municipal operation run through the Town of Carrabassett Valley. Sports and fitness passes from Sugarloaf USA will not be accepted at the AGC.

Are BMX bikes, Heelys, and Scooters allowed in the skate park?
No. We do not permit scooters, Heelys, or bikes in the park. Our insurance does not allow it. It is strictly for skateboards and roller blades. Scooters and Heelys are allowed on the track around the basketball court (with a helmet).

What is a Multi-Pass?
A MultiPass is a pass that can be bought here at the AGC for any activity. It is 12 visits for the price of 10. You can either take the Multi-Pass along with you or bring it in when you come, or we can keep it here for you.