Sanitary District

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Rates and Fees

Residential Connection Fee - $3,000
Commercial connection fees are based on a per room count for hotels/motels and the potential water usage for all others.
Readiness to serve charges for all approved residential lots or permitted subdividable residential housing units which are new construction and eligible for a building permit, within 200 feet of the District's collector system are charged $100 annually. A discount of 50% is available to developers of multi-unit or lot developments.
Residential Sewer Use Fees are based on a unit charge and bedroom count. As of January 1, 2003, the annual sewer use fees are $249.56 per residential unit plus $34.46 per bedroom.
Commercial User Rates are currently $0.018 per gallon based on a three year rolling average of usage in an amount not less than the minimum residential fee. Commercial users are billed based on meter readings and/or un-metered estimates.

In June of 1993, the newly formed Carrabassett Valley Sanitary District took over ownership and operation of the existing sewer system and wastewater treatment facilities that serve Carrabassett Valley. The District's main goal is to optimize operational efficiencies and to gain maximum cost reduction, while improving and expanding the Facility. The existing facilities and real estate were purchased from Sugartech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation. The wastewater treatment facility, which was originally built in the mid-1980s, is located in Carrabassett Valley, serving homes, hotels, condominiums, restaurants and other commercial properties in the Town of Carrabassett Valley. The Treatment Facility provides secondary treatment utilizing a lagoon treatment system and land based effluent disposal consisting of slow rate spray irrigation and snowmaking.
In 1995, an upgrade and expansion of the existing wastewater treatment system involved a system called Snowfluent. This is a permanent snowmaking system that disposes of treated wastewater by free nucleation: more commonly known as snowmaking. The snowmaking control system is a PC/PLC based I/O system using SCADA technology that allows centrally based control, monitoring and reporting (operator interface software) at the main control building that communicates locally with PLC (processors and I/O with system programs) within the control building and with the facility's in-house power generation system and remotely at the a snowmaking distribution vault and the District' s sewage pumping station. To further enhance the system, both the District Superintendent and Plant Operator have remote access and control of the operating system via home based personal computers.

The Carrabassett Valley Sanitary District utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for mapping and infrastructure information gathering. The collection system has been digitized into the District's desktop and laptop computers allowing the staff to respond to developer and contractor inquires and to manage field observations and projects efficiently and effectively.